iDate was a very quick shoot as we shot it all in one day and in one location.  Daniel had had many problems getting this production off the ground because he had actors flake out on him and locations deny him access to him on-site after having told him that he had permission.  Ole and I helped out Daniel a little behind the scenes by providing Daniel with some other options to call on for the location of the shoot.  Ultimately, Daniel was able to secure the Irish Lion.  A space I am very familiar with as I have filmed there and done many theatrical productions there so a big thank you goes out to Dennis, the manager, and Hilda, one of the owners for allowing us to film there.

Carter was there for most of the shoot but then had to go to another shoot for another class and as a result, I ended up taking over the duties of audio.  No big deal as it wasn’t my first time out on the ranch.  Ole as ever was able to work his magic and get Daniel and Eumi some fantastic shots.  Brian and Eumi were on the top of their game as well and really put the lighting gear together quickly to set the stage for the shots.  After helping with the lighting set-up, I was drafted to be an extra so we had two extras on set.

One of the limitations that we had to work around was the fact that there were only two outlets in a very large space; fortunately, we had the stingers to compensate but it presented a small problem.  Another thing that we had to work around with shooting in a restaurant during business hours was that costumers were not only walking through the set but we had extraneous chatter from guests in the lower level that the microphone would pick up.  I did record two different sets of ambient sound one for the area we shot in and another for the room below, which should give Daniel a lot to work with to fix any audio gaffs.

Overall, this was the easiest shoot that I was part of as the one location set meant that there was really only two lighting set-ups so overall this was a pleasant afternoon quick shot.




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