“Silence” Pre-production

I am officially in the throws of pre-production for my thesis production.  A web-series entitled “Silence” that Nick Krohn and I wrote.

“Silence” Synopsis:

New York (1927) – a Vaudeville team, realizing that Vaudeville is on the way out, decides to produce their first film: “King Lear”.  However, on the set of “King Lear” a random garbage man stumbles into their film and turns their drama into a slapstick comedy.  The comedy is a huge success and the company is faced with finding this garbage man to repeat their success and reap the riches or whether it is more important to them to pursue their art.

Yesterday, Nick and I went to Muncie and Anderson, Indiana and we were able to lock two key locations for the web series.

Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre

I am thrilled to announce that we will be filming in the historic Paramount Theatre in Anderson, IN and the Muncie Civic Theatre, which is an old Vaudeville theatre that was built in 1880.


Muncie Civic Theatre

Today after reworking the production schedule to accommodate the schedule of the actors and the venues, I sent out an offer to each actor.

I am currently working on writing more specific details for each assigned role in the production.

There will be more to follow over the coming weeks.




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