“Silence” Pre-production 3

The third week of class went very smoothly, we made a lot of progress on many fronts this week.

We have all but two of the locations locked down.  The most difficult location is the dump.  We were not able to lock the BedfordRecycling location so we started looking at other options.  I did locate another possibility in town but after leaving two voicemails, I have not heard anything from the owner of that property.  We do have a back up plan in place so if all else fails we do have a way to film the scene with a dump backdrop.

We did lock the office scenes at Cardinal Stage.


Cardinal Stage also is providing us with the rehearsal hall scenes so we owe them a huge thank you.


In addition to this, we locked the Buskirk Chumley Theatre so we have the dressing room location and possibly the lobby squared away.


We also have locations for the interior and exterior of Nonie’s house.

The students also made a lot of progress and wrote two scripts for the promo-video for IndieGoGo.  Michael has been making more progress on all of the graphics and we also narrowed down what the title sequence will look like for the web series.  We have also made progress with both the audio and props.  We locked the costume designers.

Last but not least, Nick and I were able to rewrite the script into its fifth draft and I finally solved the elusive ending, which was driving me nuts.

All and all it has been a very busy and productive week.

Keep your eyes peeled for more up-dates.



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